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FYG Planners utilises their own state of the art XPlan system with FYG having invested substantial resources into the development of their XPlan software.

FYG’s Xplan software is highly customised with over a decade’s worth of development already built into the system.

This specialised development has been undertaken in conjunction with FYG Planners, its advisers and Iress. This development has dramatically enhanced the use of XPlan for members of the FYG group. As a result, FYG Planners can offer financial planning software that is at the forefront the financial planning industry and second to none in client relationship management, financial modelling and investment portfolio monitoring on an integrated basis.

FYG Planners senior management are regularly consulted by XPlan for current and future development needs. FYG Planners have regularly assisted in testing for new XPlan system developments.

The Xplan system is web based and provides secure access 24/7 from any location in the world that has high speed internet capability.

Advisers joining FYG will enjoy the benefit Xplan software that is already years ahead of industry standard.

If you’re an adviser looking for an Xplan advantage, give us a call on 03 6440 3555.

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