Built For Planners

FYG Planners was built by financial planners who wanted to provide a non-bank AFSL service to other like minded financial planners. From day 1 it has been managed by a board of existing financial planners.

The development of FYG continues to be driven by the interests of financial planners who are actively involved in the profession of giving client first financial advice.

The FYG directors are passionate about being planners in their own right. They continue to provide financial advice to clients and all want to remain in the business of giving quality financial advice, while helping to coach and offer guidance to advisers within the FYG group.

By retaining their day-to-day advice roles, the directors retain their understanding of the industry, clients and other professional advisers. This ensures FYG management remain up to date with industry developments and issues that affect advisers, especially the issues that affect advisers in the adviser owned advice space.

FYG directors have a commitment to being a provider of high quality services to highly skilled professional advisers. They stridently believe in the importance of delivering those services on a fee-for-service basis, just in the same way as financial advice is delivered to clients.

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