No Conflict

If financial advice is truly to be in the interest of the client, financial conflicts need to be removed. As a privately owned Australian financial services licensee, FYG Planners firms are Fee for Service Advisory firms.

FYG directors are passionate about financial advisers putting their clients’ interests first and we know that there are many advisers across Australia who share this same core value. It’s why we started FYG Planners as a financial services licensee, to deliver great services to financial advisers who put their clients first.

FYG Directors are completely committed to the view that clients should be able to deal with advisers who are completely free from product related conflicts of interest.

We believe that all buyers of financial service and financial advice should be able to seek advice from highly competent professional advisers who are not influenced by product providers.

Our firms see their relationship with their clients as a professional relationship, not a sales relationship.

Conflicts cannot be accepted.

If you’re a financial adviser in Australia looking for an AFSL free of institutional influence, or you’re an financial adviser just starting out who is searching for an privately owned AFSL, call us on 03 64403555.

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