Costs Down

At FYG we’ve learned that costs and taxes matter – they matter a lot!

Being part of FYG’s AFSL ensures that the economies of scale on wraps, managed accounts and fund managers are predominantly passed onto the client. This is a distinct difference in an industry where financial services licensees are still focused on keeping large volume bonuses and inflating client pricing.

We’ve worked hard to drive down portfolio management costs and portfolio administration costs. As a result, financial advice clients enjoy some of the lowest investment management and administration costs across the Australian financial planning industry.

Our model portfolios are run very tax efficiently and in our global portfolios we manage currency risk in a very disciplined manner over the long term.

Finally, we make one promise to all FYG advisers and potential advisers – the directors and investment committee at our AFSL will never stop looking for ways to drive client costs and taxes down for you.

If you want to lower costs for your clients, give FYG a call on 03 6440355.

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