Culture is important, especially in the financial industry.

Toxic cultures will inevitably lead to bad outcomes for clients, your business and the industry.

At FYG culture is a priority. It guides everything we do. 

I came from a large institution and at conferences it was impossible not to feel like a number.

At my first FYG conference it was a totally different atmosphere where people are genuinely interested & want to make a personal and professional connection. 

          Brett Jones - MFG

Our Mission

At FYG you’ll find a group of advisers that are truly committed to putting their clients first while also being committed to building their ideal business.

FYG Planners believe you should have the autonomy to create the business you want, whilst truly fitting the FYG culture. FYG’s position as a privately owned financial services licensee means the focus can stay on your business and your clients, not the business goals of an institution.


Our Values

Our golden rule when assessing the suitability of an advisor or advice firm to join our financial services licensee rests purely on the quality of the person and the content of their character. If the FYG directors feel they would be happy to have that adviser sitting at the dining table with their families. Then, assuming they are professionally capable, they’d be the right fit.

At FYG there is no pecking order, there is no ladder climbing to be attained as a result of any business success; all FYG advisers share the simple goal to deliver better advice and service to their clients and to prosper as a result of that great service delivery.

Our collegiate culture is also based on the value of sharing our intellectual capital throughout the group. One of our “non negotiables” is that each FYG adviser must be willing to share knowledge and experience with his FYG colleagues and be willing to help a colleague in need.

And the FYG directors plan to be in the business for the long haul. FYG, and its predecessor, have been providing licensee services now for over 25 years; we are already planning for and grooming the next generation of FYG leaders.

We don’t grow for the sake of growth. We’re looking for quality advisers to be a part of FYG Planners.

We’re a group of like-minded advisers professionally and culturally.

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