Why Choose FYG?

Helping Advisers Build Better Businesses…

If you’re on an AFSL search in the privately owned space, FYG Planners is an AFSL built by advisers for advisers, with a management team that has formed the basis for the Global Association of Independent Advisers. We help advisors put their clients’ interests first and build better and more successful financial advice businesses.

If you’re searching for a new AFSL, you’ll find the following features at FYG Planners.

Clients Come First
Remain free from conflicts when serving clients: Advisers at our licensee operate on a fee for service basis and adopt open and transparent commercial terms, developed by the client and adviser together.

FYG advisers and their clients work as a team to ensure clients fulfill their goals.

Better Business Processes
Operate more competitively and experience less fee pressure from clients: Our partnering advisers benefit from a reliable, low cost investment process. And as a licensee we ensure advisers enjoying low cost investment administration services.

Remain autonomous while still accessing dedicated support: Our AFSL was built to ensure advisers can enjoy their autonomy, yet advisers can always rely on the support of an accessible and experienced management, technical and compliance team.

Expand knowledge through a sharing culture: Our AFSL actively looks to share resources. Advisers receive genuine support from a peer group of experienced professionals. Together, FYG advisers form a wide knowledge base with extensive industry and technical experience.

Leverage off industry leading software: FYG advisers benefit from award winning software platform, Xplan. Our AFSL has driven a decade of development and Xplan customisation for the benefit of FYG advisers. Our dedicated Xplan support team are on hand to answer questions and offer guidance.

Partnering with our financial services licensee will see your firm become more successful, your clients will know they come first and your business processes will be more efficient and reliable.

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