Client First

Are you serving your client or serving an institution?

At FYG it’s not about selling products to a client, it’s about helping clients reach their goals. If you want to sell products for an institution, that’s fine, but you’re not really a financial adviser – you’re a financial salesperson.

All FYG businesses put their clients first and maintain a healthy educational relationship with clients so they can reach their goals.

Is your adviser serving you or are they serving an institution?

If you’re a client looking for a financial adviser in Australia, do you know who your financial really works for? Are you in a sales process where the adviser is putting you into financial products that are owned by the company they work for? How can you find a financial planner who works for you?

FYG advisers aren’t affiliated with any platform, fund or financial institution. If your adviser is, then you should be looking for a second opinion.

The FYG client difference is plain to see.

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