Are You FYG?

Are you an FYG adviser?

Let’s face it, we won’t be for everyone – ask yourself are you an FYG adviser?

If you want to be part of an AFSL with a group of advisers 110% committed to serving their clients, then FYG is for you.

If you want peace of mind you have aligned your advisory firm to an AFSL that supports a profession rather than an industry, then FYG is for you.

If you want your clients to benefit from superior wrap and portfolio pricing, then FYG is for you.

if you want an AFSL with an active advisory network that motivates and supports its members, then FYG is for you.

FYG partner firms share the following qualities:

  • An extremely high level of fiduciary responsibility;
  • A clear business plan;
  • A strong business vision;
  • A client value proposition;
  • A strong database and client segmentation;
  • A fee for service investment advice model;
  • A commitment to passive Asset Class Investment (ACI) philosophy to ensure protection and growth of client assets.

Please be advised FYG Planners do not license in respect to mortgage broking or direct share investing.

If this sounds like you, call us on 03 6440 3555

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