• Privately Owned Boutique Financial Planning Dealer Group
    Our privately owned AFSL offers customised technology and adviser services enabling financial planning businesses to focus on creating long lasting client relationships.
  • A dealer group developed by advisers with a day to day understanding of the industry and its challenges
  • Client First privately Owned Financial Planning Dealer Group
    Our licensee offers you a professional relationship with your client - not a sales relationship
  • A More Successful Business
    Leverage our experience, expertise and support to create the business you want

The Benefit of a Client First Environment


Not everyone is an FYG adviser, but if you are you'll join a licensee offering great services. 

  1. Tech Services

    Our AFSL’s head office houses six advisers with over 110 years of financial planning experience and associated technical knowledge.

  2. Investment Philosophy

    Our evidence based model portfolios are over 90% consistent, providing your clients with efficiencies and reliability. 

  3. Compliance

    Our AFSL offers robust compliance driven by community standards, with a dedicated compliance manager on hand.

  4. Transistion Experience

    We know what we’re doing and can guide you through institution back office struggles.

  5. Your Business With Support

    Enjoy your autonomy while delegating us licensing, compliance & IT.


What FYG Advisers Are Saying