Positioning & Strength

Financial Advice Dealer Group

Incorporated in November 2000, FYG Planners subsequently gained a Securities Dealing and Life Insurance Brokering license. FYG Planners issued its first proper authority in February 2001.

In February 2003, FYG Planners became an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). While the financial advice dealer group is relatively young, FYG Planners management have more than 100 years’ industry experience.

From 2001 to now, the growth of FYG Planners Adviser firms has been over 150%. In the 2016 calendar year our firm numbers increased by eight, with a high increase in inquiries. In early 2017 two firms have already joined, while we are currently in negotiations with a number of firms considering joining the FYG Planners group.

The senior management of FYG Planners has more than 100 years’ industry experience. The senior management team are practicing financial planners offering financial advice on a daily basis. Accordingly, FYG Planners management is capable of giving advice in the areas of governance, risk and compliance, financial management, business management, client advice, customer relationship management and practice development.

The senior management team are also the largest stake holders in the company. The company has no shareholders other than Advisers and it has no debt to third parties. Accordingly, FYG Planners remain genuinely adviser owned and operated.

FYG Planners will continue to grow and operate profitably as a leading edge service provider to successful and experienced financial planning firms who wish to outsource adviser compliance and back office functions of their financial planning businesses.

FYG ensure each advisory firm apply their own ambition towards the growth of their business. Our commitment is to support and assist each Advisory firm within the group so they can enjoy the freedom to pursue their own goals.

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