Reaching Goals

When working for clients, an FYG adviser’s first step is matching the client’s financial and lifestyle needs with an appropriate strategic portfolio asset allocation.

In our view, this is the most important step in portfolio construction because the client’s strategic asset allocation will determine most, if not all, of their future investment experience.

And over the years we have learned investor discipline is essential in the long term. Every investor should develop a sound investment strategy based on their most appropriate asset allocation and stick to it.

Many an investor has been ruined by exiting a well structured investment strategy, at just the wrong time, in search of some popular sector or the next hot stock, only to have their pocket teach them a very harsh lesson –¬†often learned painfully over the years that follow.

Keeping clients disciplined is a huge issue that we take very seriously at our AFSL and everyone needs to find a financial planner who takes discipline seriously.

Maintaining discipline helps us to ensure that our clients enjoy a successful long term investment experience.

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