28Jul 2017

2017 June Quarter Review

July 28, 2017

Economic Overview Political uncertainty remained a feature in the June quarter as President Trump dismissed FBI director James Comey and French and UK elections were held. In the EU, risk eventually retreated as the Centrist and Pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron won a convincing victory in the French elections. In the UK things weren’t quite as […]

13Jul 2017

The www, the internets, the dark web, the Google, the email thing or whatever you choose to call it. The thing on your laptop, tablet or phone that connects you to the rest of the world has been the most boundary flattening way to access information since the encyclopaedia salesman knocked on doors. The good […]

06Jul 2017

You may have noted it’s a tough time in media right now; at Fairfax, another round of reporters have taken redundancies as private equity circles. News Corp have been bleeding money and laying off photographers and subeditors, while remaining staff were reportedly told the company “is in a fight for its life”. Most recently, Channel Ten went […]

23Jun 2017

The internet and email have changed the way we communicate over the last 20-25 years. While email may seem a little old hat these days with various social media tools emerging as ways to stay in touch, it’s still the major official point of contact between businesses and their clients or consumers. With that in […]

22Jun 2017

The Land of Confusion

June 22, 2017

If you’re old enough, you probably remember when Phil Collins and a band called Genesis were topping the charts in the mid 80’s. For the most part, they were an easy listening pop/rock band, but at one stage they strayed into the political arena with a song called ‘Land of Confusion’. The tensions between the […]